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Managing regulation and legislation is an everyday occurrence and a critical aspect of effective claims management and resolution.
Our highly experienced teams can be relied upon to ensure that through proactive management from the outset, all regulatory and legislative matters are identified, addressed and resolved in line with requirements.

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Subrogation is a key focus of ours at GHG. We have a designated Recoveries Unit that manages recoveries on behalf of all our instructing Principals. Our Recoveries Unit are instructed through the life of a claim as soon as a potential recovery trigger is identified. This means that the recovery is not treated as an afterthought and is proactively driven from the very outset.

For some clients where the use of a Third Party Legal firm is preferred, our Recoveries team assist the Legal Firm with gathering evidence, supplying reports through the life of the claim and with general queries as required.

Irrespective of whether we are securing the recovery for you, we commit to provide support in assisting your nominated expert solicitor with as much resource as required to secure subrogation.

Party Wall Disputes

Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, if an adjoining owner does not consent within 14 days of receiving notice of the proposed works then the parties are deemed to be in dispute.

However, we endeavour to reach consent to our proposed works by discussion with the neighbouring property owner. We do this by explaining the proposed works and recording a photographic Schedule of Condition of their property, prior to any works commencing. By doing this, we protect our Principals Insured’s and their neighbour’s interests and can revisit, to inspect any damage reported due to our works.

The original Schedule of Condition acts as a reference document against the condition observed following completion of works. If damage has been caused to the neighbour’s property due to our works, then this is rectified at our Principals cost.

Recoveries and Contribution

As an integral element of our service, we ensure that appropriate information is gathered to protect our Client’s indemnity spend. This may be by securing a contribution under the ABI Domestic Subsidence Agreement from a previous insurer, or a recovery of costs due to additional remedial works required as a direct result of another party’s failure to undertaken mitigation.

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