Risk Surveys

Our sister company, BASE(UK Ltd) provides the highest quality risk surveys and reports in market-leading timescales.Their extensive network of experienced surveyors provides the correct resource expeditiously and with the correct knowledge to assess the risk concerned, and have developed a strong reputation in the field of both material damage and liability surveys.

For more information about our base product, please visit www.baseservices.co.uk

BASE Value at Risk Survey

BASE know only too well how often premises can be unfortunately inadequately Insured.

Whether it be after a survey or a pre-inception enquiry using the most up to date technology, we are able to assist Underwriters, Coverholders and Policyholders by advising an accurate recommendation on the correct Buildings Sum Insured.  BASE can provide both desktop and in the field solutions dependant on Insurer’s requirements.

BASE Commercial Risk Survey

BASE have extensive experience in a large range of risks including construction and have qualified surveyors with NEBOSH certifications based throughout the country.

Their full narrative, bespoke, commercial surveys cover Employers and Public Liability, Products Liability, Risk Assessment, and provide comprehensive information on Health & Safety aspects including Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs, Environmental Considerations, Staff Training, and Controls.

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