Public Sector

We work closely with local authority and public sector organisations, to fully understanding their claims exposure which allows us to develop tailored claims solutions, delivering pro-active claim management, to reduce both the lifecycle and indemnity spend.

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Tree Root Liability

Our dedicated team have built an impressive reputation with its Principal Insurers for defending tree root liability claims.

We do not over complicate our product offering and work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke and tailored product to suit their business requirements.

Over the years, whilst providing pro-active claim management to reduce the life cycles of claims, we have worked closely with Risk Managers, Underwriters and Arboricultural Teams, analysing technical evidence presented to ensure we identify causation at the earliest opportunity and provide concise mitigation measures to ensure we have clear focus and control over your indemnity spend.

As a result of working closely with our Arboricultural Teams, we have developed a risk dependant, tree inspection and maintenance regime which has enabled us to record a high defence rate.

Employers & Public Liability

Whether we are dealing with a portal claim, multi-track claim, claims with various degrees of complexity; disease, or personal injury, our Loss Adjusters are able to lay the foundations and undertake a detailed and disciplined investigation with all of the relevant parties, to ensure that all of the facts and documents pertaining to the claim are obtained.

A comprehensive report bespoke to our Principals requirements is presented at the earliest opportunity. This will aim to address all matters in question, and clear advice for resolution will be provided to assist in the control of indemnity spend, whether that is recommending a cost-effective settlement or a robust defence.

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