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ProACT, our Building Repair Network, offers a full range of managed building repair and restoration services, with all workmanship guaranteed for 24 months.All our contractors are managed from one location for maximum oversight and service provision which in turn delivers optimum customer service and minimised delays. This is evidenced by shorter lifecycles and reduced alternative accommodation costs.

Disaster Recovery

We partner with leading industry experts both nationally and regionally to ensure that not only do we have exceptional capacity and ability under surge circumstances, but we also have a niche collective of local knowledge and unique skillsets.

Our teams have specialist knowledge of listed buildings and proven experience in dealing with High Net Worth customers.  We employ restoration techniques using the latest advanced technology which can avoid the replacement of many soft and hard furnishings.  We are fully equipped to ensure we can provide tailored support whenever required.

All disaster recovery instructions received go through a thorough triage upon receipt, conducted by BDMA Insurance Technician and DewPoint Practitioner Technician qualified internal personnel, to ensure all cases are placed with the right experts.

We offer prompt guidance and mitigation measures, critical in not only supporting Policyholders at a devastating time, but also our clients in reduction of overall claim longevity and quantum.

Underground Services

GHG offer a full range of services to investigate, report and repair all underground services including Drains, Water Supply Pipes, Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants and Cesspits.

When these services fail, very often they are not pleasant to have to deal with. In the event of an emergency, we are on hand with National coverage 24/7, 365 days a year to mitigate damage and secure the property.

Our experts are able to provide UK wide technical advice regarding new and existing legislation in relation to the repair and installation of compliant systems and are specialists in handling insurance claims, able to provide a technical analysis of third-party reports from a specialist desktop review or by undertaking our own independent site investigations.

Leak Detection

We recognise that a simple leaking water pipe can rapidly become a huge problem with extremely costly consequences.

GHG offer a full range of leak detection, location, and repair services across the UK.

Using the latest advance techniques and leak detection equipment, such as acoustic profiling, thermal imaging and tracer gas technology, our team of expert engineers can accurately identify the location of a hidden leak quickly and precisely using non-destructive methods, resulting in a reduction in unnecessary excavations and minimal damage to reinstate the property.

Once the leak has been traced, we can immediately undertake the repairs and stabilise wet areas to prevent secondary damage and minimise disruption, all within a single visit.

Project Managed Repair Services

An in-house validations team will confirm the level of repairs required using Xactware, providing full transparency and control of repair scope and cost. Use of the latest video technology allows the seamless review and approval of variations and unforeseen works.

Our service offers market leading low and capped management fees, built within the agreed national schedule of rates which ensures the lowest possible indemnity spend for our insurer clients.

The team is supported by our nationwide team of insurance professionals in the field, who are experienced in investigating problems with buildings and auditing the progress of repair work

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